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Wally Merlevede

Wally Merlevede is a true born "Poperingenaar". He’s the son of a rural policeman. Wally was only 13 years old when he apprenticed to a butcher. After that, he only was a butcher for a couple of years. In 1974 he started running De Luttertap, a small café with four tables and a billiard table. He founded a dog club and a karate club and laid out a football field behind his business. He there started his first cross-border project, a football match between his team and a team from Steenvoorde. He expanded his business gradually and in the beginning of the nineties the seating capacity was about 100. He produced his own formula in which he offered meals with pork chops and afterwards performed as a singer. The Frenchmen liked this formula very much. When De Luttertap was for sale in 1994, Wally wasn’t too keen on becoming the owner of that business. Some hundred metres closer to the border, he had the chance to buy an old farm. He had it rebuilt into Wally’s Farm.

Miss Belgian Beauty 2002 - Brunhilde Verhenne

Brunhilde Verhenne, Miss Belgian Beauty 2002, fired the starting gun in the “Vierdaagse van de IJzer” (a four-day march). On Ypres’ market place, where the Vierdaagse van de IJzer starts every year, our Miss Belgian Beauty 2002 fired the starting shot in the four-day march throughout the region. This is organised by the 14th anti-aircraft artillery regiment from Lombardsijde and the 98th Logistics Battalion from Ypres in association with the municipality of Koksijde and the town councils of Nieuwpoort, Diksmuide, Poperinge and Ypres. The participants can choose a 32 or 16 km track.

Claude Thomas

Claude Thomas, executive producer of Folie’s de Paris, came to visit Wally for a benefit that Wally organised in aid for an 18-months old child who had suffered serious burns. For Claude Thomas it all started in 1985 when he bought his restaurant and entertainment business in Lille, named Le Gamin de Paris. After a year, because of the big success, Claude already had to look out for a new place, this was called Cabaret de Paris. In 1991 he moved again and named the new place Les Folie’s de Paris. In 1998 Claude Thomas moved with his Les Folie’s de Paris to Quebec and in 2001 he went to Reno to perform his cabaret in the well-known casino The Eldorado.

Jean Marie Dedecker

Jean-Marie Dedecker, the senator from Ostend, came to Wally’s Farm on the VLD (Flemish Lib Dems) day, organised by Wally. Jean-Marie, who was first known, from 1981 to 2000, as a successful national and Olympic coach of judokas, such as Ulla Werbrouck, Ingrid Berghmans, Gella Vandecaveye, Harry Van Barneveld, etc. They were all medalists at the Olympics, at World and European Championships, with a total of 130 medals. After that, he changed his tack and went into politics. He was directly elected as senator with 52,492 preference votes, which is unique in today’s political landscape.

Kurt Defranck

Kurt Defranck, a Belgian actor, came to Wally’s Farm with his family. Kurt visited Wally’s Farm with his wife Nele and his three children, Ibe, Korneel and Kasper and they had a great time.

Tonton Gismon

Radio Bluenord’s Tonton Gismon.

Gerard Mulier

The big boss of the French Emochant

Jean Collin

Jean Collin used to be a copywriter but now he's the director of Radio Blue

Christine Defeurne

Presentatrice sur FRIII

Gilles Portes

Is regisseur van de film quand la mère monte. Deze film was een low-budget film die vertoond werd in beperkte plaatsen in België en Frankrijk. Ook Wally speelt mee in deze film. Doordat deze films twee césars kreeg, gaat hij nu beginnen een nieuwe film regisseren die op meerdere plaatsen zal te bezien zijn.

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